[webyoung] Khloe Kapri, Laney Grey, Kiarra Kai – Welcome To The Neighborhood (2020)

Tags : teen

Laney Grey has invited her new neighbor, Kiarra Kai, to stay over to welcome her to the neighborhood. As Laney and Kiarra are chatting, Laney’s friend Khloe Kapri arrives at the house. She has also been invited to stay over. The trio decide to watch a movie.

A little later, the three girls are spread out in front of the TV. They are all wearing long oversized t-shirts as pajamas. When they get cold, the three girls begin to spoon each other. The physical closeness of the spooning gives Khloe an idea, and she suggests that they all compare boobs. Despite some shyness, the other girls agree.

Khloe goes first and takes off her shirt, revealing her bare breasts. Laney and Kiarra’s eyes go wide. They tell Khloe how nice her breasts are.

Next, it’s Laney and Kiarra’s turn to reveal their breasts. They look at each other excitedly. Finally, they take deep breaths and remove their shirts, revealing their bare breasts.

The three of them appraise each other’s breasts, obviously becoming increasingly horny as they do so.

With the sexual tension rising, the girls can’t help getting curious about how each other’s breasts feel. Before long, all three girls are touching each other’s breasts in an increasingly sensual way.

Soon, with the sexual tension reaching its peak, Khloe suggests that they try kissing each other’s nipples, since none of them has ever done that before either. Swept up in the moment, any inhibitions the other two girls had are gone now, and they quickly agree.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Kiarra!!!

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