Mother Daughter Exchange Club 63


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Katie and Scarlett discuss how their moms having a lack of sex. Katie just loves Richelle’s big rack. Dee interrupts the girls, Scarlett confesses how beautiful Dee’s tits are and hoe she’s attracted to older women. Dee shows her how to explore with an experienced woman. This is Scarlett’s first time with a woman. Then watch Katie put her moves on Richelle, as she asks her why she doesn’t have a boyfriend when she is so sexy. Since her divorce she gives herself to the lord, she explains. Richelle finds a vibrator in her daughter’s belongings. Katie shows her how to sit back and loosen up and have orgasms that she hasn’t had in a very long time.
Sonny is in trouble as a college student and her professor Lexi has a meeting with her mom and promiscuous student. Sonny’s mother decides to enroll her in the student exchange program. Sonny then pays a visit to her teacher and puts her sexual moves on Lexi to satisfy her own sexual needs. Then London seems to think the exchange student program is working for her daughter and doesn’t realize Callie, one of her daughter’s class mates is in the bedroom suite. Callie thinks its a good idea for her to keep London company when Sonny is off studying. Callie is only wearing a bra and panty set, as she caresses her own sexy body. Callie just loves to look pretty for older more experienced women. London then proves there’s a whole lot she can teach Callie and she does.

Category: Lesbian, MILF, Teens, Big Tits, Rimming, Tribbing, Redhead
Starring: Lexi Luna, London River, Scarlet Skies, Sonny McKinley, Callie Black
Language: English