[LoveHerFeet.com] Syren de Mer, Angelica Cruz – My Stepmom’s Stinky Feet (2021)

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I had a long day at school and couldn’t wait to jump in the shower. My feet were sweating all day in my stockings and shoes. I was about to step in the shower when my phone rang. It was my boyfriend saying he’s on his way and wanted to make sure we have the entire house to ourselves this evening. I assured him we would. My stepmom went to the movies with her friends so she shouldn’t be home before 10 pm. He asked me not to shower because he loves when my feet are sweaty and smelly. I thought it’s hot so I didn’t shower and waited in my room for him not knowing that my stepmom had already come home from the movies! While still in my room, apparently my boyfriend enters the house and thinking we’re alone, takes off all his clothes. Of course expecting it to be me, he jumps in front of my stepmom saying “Gimme those stinky feet!” My stepmom was just as shocked as him. While this was happening I was oblivious in my room upstairs and calling my boyfriend wondering where he was. I started wandering around the house thinking maybe he came in and I didn’t hear him. But then I hear voices coming from my stepmom’s room so I go to check it out. As I open the door, I find my slutty stepmom having her feet and toes sucked by my boyfriend. I couldn’t believe it! My stepmom just acted like nothing happened and told me to leave. I stormed out but came back a few minutes later. My stepmom was riding his cock. I took my phone out and told her that I’m going to record a video that and send it to dad. She said what do I think dad is doing right now on his business trip? My boyfriend apologized and said my stepmom’s socks and feet were so stinky that he just couldn’t resist. Then my stepmom grabbed my hand and told me that I should stay and join them in some fun. It would be our secret. She put my hand on his big hard cock and while I was jerking it, my stepmom started to suck and gag on it. It turned me on so much seeing her be such a dirty slut. Then she gave my boyfriend a footjob with her sexy orange pedicured toes while I gave him a sloppy blowjob. My stepmom and me were sucking on each other’s toes and licking and sucking each other’s sexy soles and arches while he was fucking us. I came so many times watching my stepmom cumming on his big hard dick while he sucked on my toes. At the end he came all over our sweaty stinky feet. His cum on our feet tasted so good when we licked it off of each other.

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