[LoveHerFeet.com] Samantha Mack – Halloween Feet (2021)

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My boyfriend brought me to this spooky and creepy house he rented for Halloween. I was so excited thinking about having some hot foot sex with him in this old haunted house. While we were driving there I couldn’t help but to put my sexy stocking feet in his lap and give him some hot foot play while he was driving. When night came, I put on my long latex dress which perfectly showcased my beautiful big boobs and my big curvy ass. I was wearing black nylon stockings and a a pair of open toed black high heels. He was waiting for me at the dinner table. Like a slutty kitty, I crawled over to him on the table and we started to make out. Then he stood up, took his hard dick out, and shoved it down my throat. I was gagging and choking on it which made my pussy soaking wet. He turned me over and ripped my stockings to expose my sexy black pedicured toes. He fucked my slutty pussy while sucking on my sexy feet and toes. Then he turned me over and fucked me from behind; fucking me harder and harder and growling like he was a wolf. I thought it was so hot that I came all over his dick right away. He busted his cum on my sexy feet and as I was watching his cum dripping off my feet I looked up and saw that he was turning into a werewolf which scared the shit out of me so I just screamed!!!!!👻

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