[LoveHerFeet.com] Naomi Swann – Feet And Anal Treat For Valentine’s Day (2021)

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It’s Valentine’s day and I’m home alone because my asshole boyfriend stood me up. All of a sudden there is a knock at my door. It’s Logan, my sister’s boyfriend. He’s holding a big bouquet of red roses in his hand and looking for my sister. She wasn’t home yet so I invited him in to wait for her. As we were chatting, his phone rang. It was my sister basically cancelling their Valentine’s date because she had some urgent task at the office. Logan was totally bummed out. He was so cute sitting there with that big bouquet of roses and a long face. I told him that this lonely valentines makes for two of us now. My boyfriend is definitely a loser and missing out big time. I bought gorgeous and seductive sexy red lingerie just for the occasion and I even told him that he can fuck me in the ass on this special day. Logan’s jaw dropped when I told him this. “Was this a bit TMI?” I asked. He was choking on his words but he said no it’s fine. Now that we are both stranded by our significant others, I suggested to Logan how about if I try on and show him the red lingerie I bought so it doesn’t go to waste. He hesitated but agreed. I told him to wait in the living room. As I walked out in my new sexy red lingerie and my pretty red high heels that made my sexy feet look really hot he was totally speechless. I sat on the couch and told him to sit next to me. He was very nervous because he was afraid that my sister would find out. I told him not to worry and he should just start rubbing my feet. I even reassured him that it’s not cheating, it’s just a foot massage. Little did he know that for me it’s definitely considered sex. I love when a guy plays with my feet. Massages them, kisses them, licking them, and sucking on them. I love to get my pretty toes licked and sucked on. I can cum hard from just that alone. So after a few minutes of foot massage I couldn’t help but to raise my leg and put my toes in his mouth. He was shocked but started to suck on my pretty pink pedicured toes. I told him to lick in between my toes since it turns me on like crazy. Apparently he liked it as well because I could see the outline of his huge cock growing in his pants. I couldn’t wait to take it out, shove it down my throat, and make it juicy wet for me to wrap my toes around it for a slutty footjob. After that I sat on his big hard cock and rode it until I came all over it. At that point I was so turned on I wanted him to put his hard cock in my ass and pound it hard so I can cum over and over again. He fucked my ass so hard with that big fat cock that when he pulled it out I couldn’t help but gape like a little ass slut. He bent me over, put my sexy feet up on his thigh and told me to spread my ass so he can watch me gaping while he touches my soft sexy soles. He fucked my ass in multiple positions and at the end he came all over my soft sexy soles. Cum on soles is so sexy as it drips down between my toes. After all, it was my best Valentine’s Day ever!

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