Facial Freaks 3


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Genre: Teen, Mature, Big Boobs, Big Cocks, Blowjobs, Cumshots, Facials, Deepthroat, Glasses, Gonzo, Point Of View, Small Tits
Duration: 01:09:42

Cast: Lexi Luna, Jessie Saint, Rachel Rivers, Katie Monroe, Remi Jones

It’s all about the angle for big-tittie teacher, Katie Monroe. Ms. Monroe knows just how to tilt to her head to take Alex Jett’s pleasure to the next level. After talking her pupils through the pulse pounding blowjob, Katie urges Alex to blow his load all over her pretty face. Class dismissed. Sexy stepmom Lexi Luna is fed up with her stepson Jon Rogue. When Lexi accidentally drops her phone behind the couch, she tries to reach it and gets her arm stuck. Jon finds her in need and knows it’s the perfect time to get her to do what he wants! They workout a deal, he’ll get her unstuck but first she needs to suck some cock. Rachel Rivers is always up for some excitement. While her and Codey Steele are at the bar getting close to last call, Codey decides to try his luck by suggesting a blowjob under the bar. At first, Rachel is hesitant but then gets an adrenaline rush from the thought of getting caught. Before Codey knows it his pants are around his ankles and his big cock is down Rachel’s throat. This cutie sucks cock so well it doesn’t take long for Codey to blow his massive load all over her face! Bored out of her mind while she’s supposed to be doing homework, Jessie Saint gives some brain to Alex Jett and enjoys the messy facial that follows. While her girlfriend’s in the shower, the randy Remi Jones seeks out her girl’s brother Jon Rogue to suck his thick dick.