Roxy Cox – Schoolgirl fucks and sucks her lollipop (


I show up late for class and arrive with a big lollipop in my hand. My teacher instructs me to dump it in the bin as I’m not allowed to eat in class. But I protest that I only just opened it and I’m hungry and I’m not going to throw it away. After much debate, I end up getting detention and I’m stuck with Sir after school and now your making write a dumb essay about a book we haven’t even finished in class. But there’s one way I can get out of it and it’s only when my pervy teacher suggests that I suck that big lolli like it’s his big dick I see is my only way out of this essay assignment. But if I don;t he said he will give em detention for rest of the year, well I still get to enjoy my lollipop, so he sits at his desk and jerks his cock while I’m on my knees sucking on that giant lollipop just like it a nice big cock i’m licking and sucking on. But that’s not enough, now he wants to see me strip out of my uniform and fuck that lollipop like it’s his dick and he continue wanking while I slide that stick lolli inside me. Pulling it out to taste and it’s taste a whole lot sweeter covered in my juices. Then I bent over doggy style and slide it in my tight cunt again and then into my asshole. I’m so horny and wet now, that I know what you want just to ram your cock deep inside me sir and cum in your naughty little schoolgirl. Fill me up with your cum and you make me squirt multiple time, fountain squirts all over drenching your cock and soaking everywhere. Thank you Sir, love taking your big load ad i’ll have to get in trouble more often after that
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roxy-cox-schoolgirl-fucks-and-sucks-her-lollipop-2018-04-13 wIl1ab Preview

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