Larkin Love – Extreme Imposed Bi Sissy Training JOI (


Sissy Sexual Hazing) Come on in, princess. Lynn and I have a special treat for you today: a brand new stripper bikini! Put it on for us. We know how much you enjoy wearing slutty women’s clothing and underwear. Hmm, that looks mighty nice on you. You love the sensual feel of the fabric. You love how revealing clothing emphasizes your curves and makes you more aware of your body. Go ahead and touch yourself. I can already see your girl-cock swelling in your bikini bottoms. Jerk that pretty cock for us like the sissy slut you are. Give Lynn and I a sexy show. Atta girl. Go ahead and cum right in the panties. Let the fabric soak it up. But don’t take them off. The fun isn’t over yet. Now, you’re going to put on some booty shorts on top of that bikini and go to the grocery store for us. No, you don’t get to change out of your soiled bikini! You’ll just have to hope that no one notices the damp spot in the crotch of your shorts! We have a strange shopping list: cucumbers, Vaseline, whipped cream, condoms, candy, and many other seemingly random objects. Don’t bother asking what they’re for. You’ll find out later tonight when we invite some studs over to take part in the sexual hazing of our very own sissy slut bitch. Now get going, whore! Starring Larkin Love and Lynn Pops. Contains the following erotic elements: SISSY TRAINING – IMPOSED FEM – IMPOSED BI – FEMALE DOMINATION – MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION – JERK-OFF INSTRUCTION – JOI – SLUT TRAINING
0:09:38 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 92Mb


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