KingNoire – Dreams of Somnophilia (

kingnoire-dreams-of-somnophilia-2018-09-11 KsoJBj Preview

Dreams of Somnophilia It’s the holidays! And Jasmine welcomes the rare opportunity to take a break from all that blissful jet setting to finally catch up on some zzzz’s. But King has other plans for Jasmine – He’s totally turned on by watching past scenes from their sexy escapades together, and more so by his goddess, resting beside him. So he decides to explore one of their latent fetishes: Somnophilia. Jasmine’s pussy responds to King’s deep, delicious and familiar fucking in that wet and wonderful way that’s bound to deliver you a roaring screaming orgasm. But shhhh.. Don’t cum too loud, you don’t want to wake Jasmine, do you? Not when she’s having her own tantalizing dreams. The ladies of the Spread make their directorial debut with the extremely erotic ode to black bodies fucking in beautiful silence – well, for the most part

0:38:12 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 538Mb


kingnoire-dreams-of-somnophilia-2018-09-11 KsoJBj Preview

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